The Lovers Card Reversed-Tarot Card For August 7, 2014

The Lovers Card Reversed-Description Of The Card: Feeling unworthy of love. Manipulating others with sexuality. Inability to find a loving partner. Immaturity and irresponsibility in love relationships. Game playing. Disharmony. (Description By ~Kris Waldherr~)

The Lovers Card Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: An unhappy love affair, dissatisfaction and an unfulfilling life are shown when the Lovers card is reversed. The lifestyle choice of the upright position still lies before you, but do you have the courage to make it? There may be a separation from a loved one when the card appears in this position, but this need not be permanent, although it will be very unwelcome at the time. A sense of duty is strong when the card is reversed, and this may stand in the way of emotional and physical happiness. (Interpretation By ~Jonathan Dee~)

The Lovers Card Reversed does not speak of happy times coming soon in a love relationship. Emotional growth is required and you may be struggling with letting go of past relationships or pain connected with past relationships. Perhaps you did not connect with someone well and tried hard to make it work. This type of situation can make you feel like you are unworthy of love all together or there is no one out there for you. Go inward and reflect on how you may have allowed the situation to happen in your life. It is ok to learn lessons and let go. It is better if you learn the lesson and set yourself not to repeat it again. Also, sex could be used to trying to connect with a partner. No harmony or compatibility in a relationship is also a signal to let go of this one. Immaturity and irresponsibility is a fast track to no forward movement in a relationship and will cause fighting and heart-break. Pay attention to these behaviors in a relationship. If you see them, you should choose to let that relationship go.

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