Triumph Reversed-Tarot Card For September 8, 2014

Triumph Reversed-Description Of The Card: Fear of expansion. Feeling pessimistic-even if you’re uncertain how your future will manifest, you are moving into a more hopeful period. Thwarting yourself or others. (Description By ~Kris Walherr~)

Triumph Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: Since this is such a good card, its reversed interpretation cannot be too negative, so it usually means that you still have a little way to go before the promised rewards will be delivered. Don’t lose heart now, or decide to change your direction this late in the day. Possibly, a sense of permanence has become more important to you, and an old ambition no longer seems to have the appeal that it once did.

You may be feeling insecure and dread the thought of making the final push to victory. If this is the case, then you need to start appreciating the improvements in your life that The World symbolizes. It may also be that you are envious of others’ successes, yet are unwilling to make the effort to become more successful yourself. (Interpretation By ~Jonathan Dee~)

This card is such a fabulous card whether it is upright or reversed. The Triumph card reversed is still offering great hope and expansion in the future. You may be feeling like nothing is ever really going to change for the better for you at this time. But, when this card appears, better days ahead are definitely coming! Take heart! What you desire is going to manifest. It may take a little while, but hold on to your dreams! Stay the course! Better days are coming and if you do not give up, you will see them manifested. Continue pushing forward with your dream even if you don’t believe it will happen for you or you are just tired. Sometimes, we just have to stay the course even in the face of wanting to give up and let go. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep moving forward.

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