Four Of Coins Upright-Tarot Card For September 10, 2014

Four Of Coins Upright-Description Of The Card: Wealth and Prosperity. Stability of material forces in one’s life. Holding onto worldly goods. A family inheritance-this could be a talent, money, land, or a quality that added richness to life. Satisfaction. (Description By ~Kris Waldherr~)

Four Of Coins Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This is one of the most steadfast cards in the Coins suit. It shows the achievement of financial stability, personal security and the accumulation of possessions. More importantly, it shows that you will actually hang onto your gains, and that a period of worry will soon be over. You will soon find yourself in a comfortable situation. It’s not just short-term benefits that are indicated here: you will do well in the long-term, too. Savings schemes, property matters, insurance affairs and anything concerning banks will work to your best advantage. (Interpretation By ~Jonathan Dee~)

What a very encouraging card today! The Four Of Coins Upright is such a solid card and speaks of reaching financial goals, sterility, personal security and gathering new possessions. All of this comfort and security will remain in your possession and will not be lost. Your worries will be over and you will be able to relax and enjoy life! Short-term and long-term benefits will be reaped as well. Savings, property and insurance plans will work to your best advantage. When it comes to security, this card has it in Aces! Enjoy the success!

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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