Contemplation Reversed-Tarot Card For September 16, 2014

Contemplation Reversed-Description Of The Card: Distracted by the world. Ignoring intuition. No time to think or reflect. Superficiality. Feeling unconnected with your heart. (Description Of The Card By ~Kris Walherr~)

Contemplation Reversed=Interpretation Of The Card: The wisdom and caution of the upright card vanish when The Contemplation card is reversed. Rash folly and impatience are raging, and issues surrounding age also come into play. There may be a hint of the negative aspects of old age, such as isolation and loneliness, or alternatively, the arrogance of youth disregarding the advice of those older and wiser. The appearance of the reversed Hermit may show the emergence of a cantankerous obstinacy in someone of any age, as well as forgetfulness and a petulant refusal of genuine help. The loneliness associated with the card may be the result of betrayal when the card is reversed. (Interpretation Of The Card By ~Jonathan Dee~)

When this card shows up in a reading reversed, it is giving some potential warnings regarding a person or situation. Being impatient with a relationship or situation can be a rash decision. Issues of loneliness and isolation also may come into play especially if you are older and alone. It can also speak of a youth who does not listen to advice. The person who exhibits the traits of the contemplation card reversed will tend to be mean and stubborn at any age. Hard-headed refusing help from others. Betrayal may be in play which could be contributing to loneliness. This is a sad card of loneliness, isolation and stubbornness. If you know someone who is in this place in life, try to extend yourself to them, if for nothing else but for companionship. Give out what you would want in return. Compassion and kindness would be greatly appreciated by this person, although they may not say so. It is just good Karma!

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