Grace Upright-Tarot Card For November 8, 2014

Grace Upright-Description Of The Card: Love which inspires us and inspires others. Turning dreams into reality. Awareness of goals. The belief and self esteem to meet them. A visit from the Muses. Reason to hope for the best. (Description By: ~Kris Waldherr~)

Grace Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This is an extremely optimistic card, bringing hope, the renewal of faith and unexpected gifts. Its positive message is quite clear: although you may have suffered setbacks and disasters in the past, your security will be restored. When The Star appears, problems will be solved, life will be smoother, and you will feel more lively and optimistic about your prospects. New enterprises began under the auspices of this card have a very good chance of success. The exuberant message of The Star promises a happy outcome and many new opportunities. There is often an artistic or educational matter to be considered, and The Star promises success in these endeavors. Pleasurable travel is often indicated by the card, so you may embark on a memorable vacation or just enjoy a light-hearted, vacation feeling. Good health or improvement in health is often shown, so this is an excellent omen if someone close has been ill. Spirituality and a sense that your life has meaning is the underlying theme of The Star, and you may experience an insight into a more mystical dimension when this card appears prominently in your reading. It might be rewarding to take a special note of The Star’s position in your reading, because its hopeful message will apply to that area of your life. If found in an area that refers to relationships, then the doorway of love is opening to you; if in a career position, then it is likely that a new, and more fulfilling, job is on its way. (Interpretation By: ~Jonathan Dee~)

This is such a wonderful card when it is pulled upright! Full of optimism, hope, faith and great love given and received. If you have been going through some very hard times in the not to distant past, that is all going to change! Security will return, problems will be solved with a much smoother ride to life coming in the near future. Great success in business and finances are also indicated with this card. Happy life and new opportunities abound as well. Education may be another area of life that will be looked at, considered and perhaps engaged in as well. Travel is on the way, which will bring light hearted vacations and time together with the ones you love. Health improves also. Spiritual growth and a new meaning to life appear when this card is pulled in a spread. This is such a fantastic card! Love and career opportunities will open up to you. So, if you are exhausted and have been down and depressed this card hearlds wonderful changes coming. Hang in there..major changes for the better are on the way! Enjoy!

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