Daily Tarot Card For October 3, 2015-Nine Of Coins Reversed

Nine Of Coins Reversed: Overindulging in material pleasures, perhaps to the point of compromising financial stability. Guilt over possessing so much; inability to enjoy it. Fear of envy or jealousy. The nine numbered cards in Tarot always represent great abundance and security. Are you worried about how others think of you because of your good fortune and abundance in life? There is always great responsibility associated with the gift of abundance. If you have it, it should be put to good use, invested not squandered. Rather than just being self-indulgent with it, to the point of compromising your security, think about donating a percentage every month to a cause that will help others. You can do this without others knowing it is you. I think of Bill and Linda Gates with this card. They are investing in others in a great way and would never be able to spend all the money they have. They want to change the world with their abundance, and with this attitude more abundance will be given to them. Envy and jealousy will always be there from other people. Some out of need and some out of want. Choose your friendships and associations carefully, people who want to do you harm can present themselves as something different than they are. This can be a very lonely card if you can not find someone you truly trust because of your abundance. Perhaps, you should look for a friend who has great abundance as well. If they are being your friend for your money or what they can get out of you, you need to let them go from your life. This card can be a double edged sword!

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