Daily Tarot Card For October 9, 2015-Transformation Card Reversed

Transformation Card Reversed: Stagnation. Fear of change. Resisting transformation. The need to move in a new direction, but the inability to do so. Rigidity. Holding onto outmoded situations for fear of loss.

Many people have a fear of the Transformation card. In the traditional deck it is the death card. But it rarely means a physical death of someone. It is speaking more of change. The transformation card is the card of the Scorpion and refers to dying to the old way of life and transforming in resurrection or new birth. Just like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. It is transformed into something new and fresh. The lesson has been learned from the old way of life and now it is reborn to new depths of understanding and wisdom. When this card is reversed however, the person who is needing to let go of the past and move forward is resisting that change with everything they have. The death process is not easy and sometimes the letting go of what we know for something completely unknown can be down right terrifying. If you choose to let go, you will find freedom from the past and a deep sense of relief and a deeper understanding of things in the future. You’ll have become wiser and see things from a very different perspective. Don’t fear the reaper, there is freedom on the other side.

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