Daily Tarot Card For October 10, 2015-Queen Of Coins Reversed

Queen Of Coins Reversed: Need to ground oneself. An overly materialistic orientation to life. Disappointment in the home, or lack of focus upon creating a harmonious environment.

The Queen Of Coins represents an Earth sign woman. She is pampered and spends her days with friends and spending money. When this Queen shows up reversed she is being irresponsible and overspending money. She can be an overly privileged woman and demanding. She is very spoiled and expects to get anything and everything she wants. She can be a major hardship on her husband and honestly does not care if she is or not. She will spoil her children. Creating yet another hardship on her husband. She has everything in the world anyone could want but she is still discontent with her life. She needs to ground herself and face reality or she will never be happy with things filling up her life. That is an empty existence.

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