Daily Tarot Card For October 11, 2015-Ten Of Coins Reversed

Ten Of Coins Reversed: Discontent at home or difficulties with family relationships. Wanting more prosperity, but uncertain how to achieve it. Elusive success on the material plane.

This card is so fabulous when it is upright, but, when it is reversed there is a lot of hardship going on. Ten’s are about abundance and that can be good or bad. Coins are all about finances and stability. There is a great amount of discontent going on with this card reversed. Family relationships are not good and you are working hard to overcome hardships financially but not quite able to get over the hump with financial problems. When this card shows up reversed, relationships with relatives are not going well; home life is unhappy; money is not come in abundantly and a marriage situation can be seriously strained due to these hardships. Thank God these situations are only temporary until the Ten Of Coins turns upright and there is great joy and celebrating. Always remember that what goes up, must come down at some point. But it will turn back up again and prosperity and happiness will be with you once more. This too shall pass! Hang in there!

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