Daily Tarot Card For October 16, 2015-Queen Of Staves Reversed

Queen Of Staves Reversed: Waiting to long to use your forces. Not showing the world your strengths. Undermining your own authority. Feeling powerless.

The Queen Of Staves Reversed is a woman who is normally very successful as a business woman, she may have her own business or is in a leadership position at her job. Staves speak of business and all fire signs show up as staves. This woman could be a Sagittarius, Leo or Aries woman. She is strong willed and when she is reversed she can make others feel powerless at their job. She shows great reserves of enthusiasm and focus to get a job done. She wants results, not excitement. She is not amused with defeat and can be very intense, which can lead to those who are unprepared getting burned in the process. Very intense woman, especially when she is reversed.

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