Daily Tarot Card For October 18, 2015-Ace Of Arrows Reversed

Ace Of Arrows Reversed: Need for thought. Self-recrimination and rejection of personal power to blame others. Confusion.

The Ace Of Arrows is all about truth telling and that truth telling is bottom line and blunt. Straight to the point and no missing around. But, when the Ace Of Arrows is reversed, there is a lot of blaming others for something that you know was wrong of you to do. There is thought and planning in how someone will try to blame another person of something they did not do, to avoid being blamed for it themselves. This person does not want to be blamed for something they did or said and is blaming other people. It also shows a lack of personal growth with this issue. So, the lesson has not been learned and the person blaming someone else will more than likely do it again and not give it a second thought. This does create confusion and possible ramification for the person who is being blamed for the issue. We all must be careful with this kind of deception, because what goes around, comes around!

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