Daily Tarot Card for November 6, 2015-Four Of Coins Upright

Four Of Coins Upright: Wealth and prosperity. Stability of material forces in one’s life. Holding onto worldly goods. A family inheritance-this could be a talent, money, land of a quality that adds richness to life. Satisfaction.

Coins are all about money. Usually wealth and security being obtained most of the time through an inheritance. But, it can also speak of someone who has worked very hard and is responsible and careful with money. This responsibility has lead to a nice accumulation of money, which has made the earner very rich indeed. Wealth, prosperity, stability and putting down roots. There is nothing much to fear here as everything is being provided. All the family members are secure and benefit from this hard work and good management of money. There should be financial security in this family for a very long time.

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