Daily Tarot Card For November 10, 2015-Ten Of Arrows Upright

Ten Of Arrows Upright: Perfect emotional wisdom gained through experience. Understanding gained after struggle. The ending of a difficult situation. Experience as the best teacher, for better and for worse. Sharing knowledge with others.

The Ten Of Arrows Upright is about gaining wisdom and emotional understanding after experiencing a time of testing in your life. There is verbal communication regarding this wisdom and longing to understand as Arrows are about communication and learning. Has there been an experience in your life lately that has taught you something about the situation, another person or a personal growth for you specifically? There has been a struggle to understand the situation and what you should do about it. This could be a job, a relationship or pretty much any area in life. The point is, there is a learning process and consideration that needs to be done. There is an end to this difficult situation and you have come out the other side of it much wiser for it. You will walk away from this situation with new knowledge to have a better future and you will share that knowledge with others.

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