Daily Tarot Card for November 11, 2015-Tradition Upright

Tradition Upright: Following established social structures. Tradition which can constrain. In love relationships, the desire for marriage or some other formal structure for the sake of security. Awareness of public image and the desire to control it. Wanting to conform in order to gain approval. Possible rigidity.

This Major Arcana card is all about love and marriage. The desire and longing for both at this time. Marriage is a sacred institution before God and man. There is a desire to be married to the one you love for the sake of security when this card shows up in a reading. It can also mean a living together situation as well, if a marriage is not possible due to circumstances out of your control. It is still a vow taken to each other to be committed and monogamous and a binding contract between the two of you before God. In it’s upright position you are looking to conform to societal norms and to have your union approved of and accepted by your friends and family. There is a tone of solid traditional roles between the man and woman coming together with this card and those roles being rigidly conformed too. This is more of an old fashioned wedding and traditions are followed.

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