Daily Tarot Card for November 15, 2015-Prince Of Cups Upright

Prince Of Cups Upright: Grace and talent. Artistic inspiration and receptivity. Movement in these areas of life. Making dreams into reality. A young man who represents the forces of love, beauty, and emotional richness and has the ability to inspire.

The Prince Of Cups Upright is honestly one of my favorite cards, he is a young man or an older man who is young at heart. He is very romantic and loves to give and receive love. In fact, it is what really motivates him. This is a water sign man, Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio man. Usually this card represents a Pisces man but can be any water sign man. He is kind, caring, compassionate and very sensitive. He has lots of artistic abilities, talents and is very inspirational. He waxes poetic and is receptive to his environment. Bringing much compassion and passion to any relationship. He is psychically sensitive and is receptive to what others need and will freely offer it. He is a true Hero man and gallant. But mainly, he expresses and embodies love, beauty and emotional richness. He also has the awesome ability to make his dreams of love and beauty become a reality. For himself, and the other person he loves so dearly. Sigh..he is just downright sweet and loving. What girl wouldn’t love that?

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