Daily Tarot Card For November 16, 2015-Ten Of Staves Reversed

Ten Of Staves Reversed: Overwhelmed and burdened by responsibilities. No time to enjoy success, there’s too much work to do!

The Ten Of Staves Reversed is all about business ventures. Staves are about business, ideas, communications and success. This card is reversed, so that tells me you have been working very very hard to bring this business venture to success and you have achieved that success. When reversed, you are overwhelmed and burdened by responsibilities. You are working way too hard and no time to enjoy your success. You are stressed out and trying to get everything done. As I mentioned in my posting about the Ten Of Staves Upright, it is time to hire other people to take the overwhelming responsibilities off your shoulders. You will end up tired, irritable and maybe even sick with all of this work. Your great success can be shared and improve someone else’s life as well by offering them a job with a stable income due to your great efforts. It’s time for you to take a vacation and let other people help you to continue to grow your business. You have worked hard for this and it is past due time!

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