Daily Tarot Card For November 17, 2015-Nine Of Coins Upright

Nine Of Coins Upright: Pleasure or sensuality. Feeling blessed by life. Enjoying the fruits of one’s labors. Material prosperity-now that this has been accomplished, perhaps it is time to create a family. Fertility and luxury.

The Nine Of Coins shows a picture of a woman who is living in the lap of luxury. She has great abundance all around her. Coins are all about money, whether there is a lot or little. It does speak of money. The Nine Of Coins is a card of great amounts of money. This card can also speak of a woman who has made her fortune by offering Pleasure or sensuality for coins. But, it does not just mean a woman is selling her body for money. It also means being content and blessed by life, so this woman can also be someone who is married and very much in love and is fortunate enough to have the love of her life with her as well. She has worked hard and saved very carefully to have all of this abundance. Now that she has gained this prosperity it’s time to start a family as there is plenty of security for everyone. She could be with child presently as well and have anything her heart desires within reach. She has worked hard, saved and been responsible with her money and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of her hard labor.

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