Daily Tarot Card For November 19, 2015-Ace Of Coins Reversed

Ace Of Coins Reversed: A desire to reap the fruits of your labor. Elusive success. Need to examine how one undermines oneself.

Coins are all about money and an Ace is a new beginning. Unfortunately, today’s card is showing up reversed, so there will be challenges around making money and keeping it. You may have been working long and hard to earn more money and it is just not coming as fast as you would like it too.  You are feeling like earning money is becoming very difficult and getting a raise in pay is just not happening.  Are you perhaps spending more than you are bringing in?  You may need to look at where you are spending you money, for at least at this time.  If there are things that you can cut back on and not spend so much for now anyway, that would help. Sometimes in life, we all have to cut back spending to the bare necessities and wait until money is more abundant.  Do what you must for now, and when money starts flowing well again, you can always pick up doing the things you love again in the future. But for now, pull in your belt a little tighter and wait it out.

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