Daily Tarot Card For November 22, 2015- Two Of Coins Upright

Two Of Coins Upright: The ability to juggle several situations at once-jobs, opportunities, ideas. Opposing desires. Balance between the earthly and the spiritual worlds. Grace. Commerce and expansion.

Coins are all about money and are connected to the Fortune card. The Two Of Coins Upright is telling you that you are juggling quite a few things related to business ideas, opportunities and money making ventures. You are investigating business opportunities that can be entrepreneurial  in nature, but this venture is something someone else is trying to sell you to do. It is their business idea, which you can use for a price. Or job opportunities, perhaps you are looking for a new job or Creative business ideas that are your own unique idea that can also be entrepreneurial as well. You are not quite sure which one of these options you should choose. There is a balancing act going on here, you don’t want to work so much that you miss out on a spiritually balanced life as well. It is a real balancing act to bring the earthly and spiritual needs in harmony. Give yourself a break here, as Grace is saying to you just go with the flow. Somedays, there will be more work than spiritual pursuits and other days more spiritual pursuits than work.  Just go with the flow and everything will work out right in the end. There is selling of services and great expansion coming with this card!  Hand it over to the Universe and all will work out as it should for you!

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