Daily Tarot Card For November 23, 2015-Four Of Cups Upright

Four Of Cups Upright: Need for a more authentic life. Dissatisfaction. Taking something for granted-love, talents, beauty. Discontent and boredom. Re-evaluation of a relationship which feels superficial.

Cups are all about love relationships and are connected to the Desire card, which speaks of a relationship which is fated or meant to be.  This card is much worse in the upright position than it is reversed.  If you are in a relationship and feeling this way, you are more than likely feeling like something is lacking in the relationship. There is something about the relationship that is bothering you to the point of being discontent with it. You are not feeling the connection with this person as strongly as you had hoped it would be and you are not feeling satisfied. There is also a sense that your partner is taking your love, talents and beauty for granted and they no longer do the things they used to do to keep the relationship fresh or being considerate of you and/or your feels as well. You are also feeling that this relationship is very superficial or a surface one and there is no mutual appreciation for each other. It has become rote and routine and you are feeling a strong desire to move on to a more authentic relationship. It is not that this person is not there for you and you love them for it. But, there is no excitement.  Think carefully before you end this relationship.  Are they good to you? Are they faithful to you? Do they love you? Do they take care of you? If you can say yes to these questions, consider how you might come up with some fresh ideas to bring some adventure and excitement into this relationship.  You may find out your partner has hidden talents you never knew they had!  🙂

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