Daily Tarot Card For November 24, 2015-Ten Of Coins Reversed

Ten Of Coins Reversed: Discontent at home or difficulties with family relationships. Wanting more prosperity, but uncertain how to achieve it. Elusive success on the material plane.

Coins are all about money and the suit of coins are connected to the Fortune card.  This is a difficult card to have to live out to be sure!  There are many hardships with this card reversed. Home life is awful and difficult. Arguments and disagreements with spouses and family. You are spending time trying to figure out how you can bring more prosperity into your life.  More money making opportunities. You are uncertain how to create prosperity in your life at this time. Focusing on how success is not happening for you at this time. Turn this around, we all have talents and things that we love to do. Think about making one of these talents into a money making opportunity, if you are unable to find a good paying job. What are you gifted in? What do you love doing? Can you help others with this gift? These are the areas you should look into and search out people who have made a success of what you love to do.  Market this idea and pull yourself out of despair.  It may take time, energy and lots of work but it will pay off in the end. Stay positive and focused on your goals and you will turn this Ten Of Coins card reversed, right side up.  Take the lemons in your life and turn them into lemonade!

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