Daily Tarot Card For December 7, 2015-Princess Of Staves Reversed

Princess Of Staves Reversed: Too much energy and not enough focus. Ideas and messages that fizzle out after initial enthusiasm.  Inconsistency. Over enthusiasm for the sake of emotional display.

Staves are all about work and business opportunities.  This Princess is young and inexperienced and is someone that can be over eager to impress you.  Usually, this will be around a business opportunity, but It can be someone young who needs to communicate to you.  Via a written message.  She also speaks of written messages coming to you in the form of a text, email or IM.  She is definitely enthusiastic  and full of energy. She usually brings very good news to a situation you have been waiting to hear back on. She is however, not real big on consistency and can take her time getting back to you. When she does communicate with you though, it will full of enthusiasm and emotion regarding whatever the subject may be that she is communicating with you!  Expect communication to come to you regarding business news, perhaps a job situation or just someone you have not heard from in a while.


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