Daily Tarot Card For October 10, 2015-Four Of Coins Reversed

Four Of Coins Reversed: Being miserly with wealth, talents. Conversely, being overly generous spendthrift. Need to conserve and protect resources. Envy of others.

Coins are about wealth, security and inheritance and are affiliated with the Fortune Card.  The Four Of Coin Reversed is all about either holding onto money too tightly or over spending.  It is time to find balance with your money. If you are being too miserly with money or talents, and not helping others where you can, then you run the risk of holding too tight to a resource that can continue to grow. But only if you will give back to the poor and those in need.  The Universe rewards us by giving us yet more money or talents to give back to others in need.  If we freely give out of our abundance. Keep this flow going by giving to a charity or a family in need.  On the other hand and is also a possibility when this card comes up reversed in a reading, if you spend too much money you are running the risk of losing it all!  Be careful how you spend your money, you must find a balance here or you could loose it all.  To me, this card reversed speaks of finding a balance with saving some, giving some and spending some. Keep the money flow growing with investments, so you can easily help others and have what you want.  There is no such thing as a money shortage to the Universe.  There is more than enough to go around for everyone.  Just ask and believe you will receive it and it will be given to you!

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