Princess Of Staves Reversed-Tarot Card For December 30, 2013

Princess Of Staves Reversed-Description Of The Card: Inconsistency. Overly enthusiastic for the emotional effect. Hyperactivity and not enough focus. Ideas, plans and messages that tend to fizzle out after initial enthusiasm.

Princess Of Staves Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: This Princess usually, but not always represents a young teenage girl. It can be an older woman as well. When she is reversed she is immature, unreliable and tends to exhibit emotional displays to manipulate people or situations. She is soiled and immature. She likes her own way and demands a lot of attention. This card can also indicate someone who is a faithless lover, she has a long list of complaints and brings bad news. In some cases, there could be learning disabilities. If this is the case, make sure she is getting proper help for these issues. If this is not the case and you have this young woman in your life, she is in need of structure and responsibilities in her life. If she does not have this structure at home, life is going to be very unhappy for her when she is an adult. She will have to learn these lessons the hard way. Set limits for her and do not allow her to manipulate you with tantrums. She will survive the process and grow up to be a well-rounded person. This can be a difficult process to be sure and will require a great deal of patience on your part. But, the outcome is well worth it!

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Daily Card: Prince Of Coins Upright

Prince Of Coins Upright-Description Of The Card: Hard work and the knowledge necessary to create growth. Creating prosperity with hard work. Looking for opportunities to develop growth. Creating wealth financially and enjoying a lavish lifestyle. This is a young man who is up and coming.

Prince Of Coins Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This card always speaks of a young man who is just starting out on his journey in life. He is a very ambitious young man indeed! He will work very hard and is not afraid of hard work to achieve his ultimate goal of Financial and Material wealth. He is someone who educates and investigates every endeavor he is seeking to invest in. Either with his money, time, talent or knowledge to create success in a venture. To be sure, he will not waste his time or effort on any endeavor he has not very carefully investigated first! He is entrepreneurial and will not use his talents to work for someone’s business. He will create financial stability for himself and his family and a lavish lifestyle as well. He is not irresponsible with his money and does know the benefits of being a philanthropist. He gives a lot of money to help others, but make no mistakes he invests in those who show the ability to use the help he gives and multiply it for their benefit. He is known as a helping hand out of poverty, but will not help those who wish to stay in poverty because of unwise choices. Careful and deliberate would describe this successful and rich young man. If this young man describes you or someone you know, take advice and be careful not to spend all of your life climbing the ladder of success and missing out on the other things in life. In the end, it is all about the relationships we establish in life and the lessons we learn from these relationships. Balance would be the key word for your life. Find it and you will have a wonderful life. Don’t look for it and life will end up being a very lonely existence indeed. Success does not mean just money but unconditional love as well!