Quote For The Day By ~Edward M. Hallowell~

“Keep those faces in mind, the little girls and boys in the early grades, all trusting the adults to show them the way, all eager and excited about life and what will come next, and then just follow those faces over time. Follow the face of a little girl who doesn’t read very well and is told to try harder; who tends to daydream and is told she better pay attention; who talks out in class when she sees something fascinating, like a butterfly on the windowpane, and is told to leave the class and report to the principal; who forgets her homework and is told she will just never learn, will she; who writes a story rich in imagination and insight and is told her handwriting and spelling are atrocious; who asks for help and is told she should try harder herself before getting others to do her work for her; who begins to feel unhappy in school and is told that big girls try harder. This is the brutal process of the breaking of the spirit of a child. I can think of no more precious resource than the spirits of our children. Life necessarily breaks us all down somewhat, but to do it unnecessarily to our children in the name of educating them — this is a tragedy. To take the joy of learning — which one can see in any child experimenting with something new — to take that joy and turn it into fear — that is something we should never do.”
— Edward M. Hallowell (Driven To Distraction : Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood)

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Daily Card: Magic Upright

Magic Upright-Description Of The Card: Developing magic within yourself. Creating positive changes. Self empowerment and actualization. A longing to grow beyond limitations. Transforming your life through originality and personal power. Creativity and endurance. Growing beyond limitations.

Magic Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: Learning the ways of magic, that sounds mystical and mysterious. Actually this is referring to the lesson of taking the higher ground. As in serving others and humbling yourself. Many people think the way up is climbing the ladder of success of being the best at something. This is a very spiritual card and the way up or creating magic is the way down. Humbling yourself and serving others is the real way up. This card also speaks of creating positive changes, this is also referring to helping others. Teaching them what you know to better their own lives. Self sacrifice. You are being called by this card to empower and being, as in the bettering of others lives. Lifting up, counseling, encouragement and sharing what you have learned spiritually and physically. Passing it on. Nurturing these lessons to fruit in other people’s lives. There is a longing to grow beyond the level of understanding that you are already at and to move to higher ground. Changes in your life that bring you to deeper understanding to move beyond yourself. New creative ways of being and enduring through the quest until it is completed and understood completely. Reaching a level of spirituality that moves you beyond limitations. Stop looking at where you are stuck and look at where you can go if you choose to let it transform you!

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Singing The Praises Of My Love

My Love called me this morning just as I was waking up for the day. He does that quite often. He takes a neighbor of his grocery shopping every Sunday..he is compassionate and thoughtful that way. I sat in bed drinking my morning coffee and he called to tell me what he had picked up for me at the store this morning. I am gluten intolerant and need a special diet with certain things. He had bought me all of these wonderful gluten-free products so I could enjoy a morning with toast and jam, some wonderful gf spreads, bread, several different crackers and a few other things. He is also making me a stew to have for tea on Wednesday when I arrive there. Tea is their evening meal. It is not just a snack. I used to think it was a little snack between lunch and dinner. But it is an earlier dinner than we usually take. Which really makes good sense to eat a larger meal earlier before bedtime. I have some odds and ends to pack up and will have a shorter and shorter list each day. The cab is coming to pick me up and take me to the airport on Tuesday morning. So it is getting down to the wire and I am getting more and more excited everyday! Much love and light to you all and have a blessed day!