Illusion Upright-Tarot Card For October 31, 2013

Illusion Upright-Description Of The Card: The need to know what is real. Enchanted by love as if a spell has been cast on you. Confused by what is real and what is not. Deep emotion, fantasies and vivid dreams.

Illusion Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This card upright is highly emotionally charged and can create confusion in your life at this time. Illusions abound with this card and it can be hard to know what is real and what is fantasy. Emotions can be out of control and discerning reality from fantasy can be difficult at best. Take the time to look at your anxieties with a cool head and perspective. It will prove to be very hard to view this issue from a detached and objective point of view, but do try to find a quiet and calm place to do some reflection. You are walking on a path that is full of twists and turns and it is a fated path. So you must walk it. Be assured it is the right way. Let me encourage you to continue to walk this path even when everything says I DON’T WANT TOO. It will all turn out for the best. This card is favorable for those involved with a clandestine love affair at this time. Your imagination will be working over time and you will communicate these imaginations with great influence at this time. Creativity will be very attuned at this time as well. You may have the need to express your deep desires at this time through the medium of art, writing or music. The most troublesome emotional turmoil may inspire a work of genius!

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