Singing The Praises Of My Love

My Love called me this morning just as I was waking up for the day. He does that quite often. He takes a neighbor of his grocery shopping every Sunday..he is compassionate and thoughtful that way. I sat in bed drinking my morning coffee and he called to tell me what he had picked up for me at the store this morning. I am gluten intolerant and need a special diet with certain things. He had bought me all of these wonderful gluten-free products so I could enjoy a morning with toast and jam, some wonderful gf spreads, bread, several different crackers and a few other things. He is also making me a stew to have for tea on Wednesday when I arrive there. Tea is their evening meal. It is not just a snack. I used to think it was a little snack between lunch and dinner. But it is an earlier dinner than we usually take. Which really makes good sense to eat a larger meal earlier before bedtime. I have some odds and ends to pack up and will have a shorter and shorter list each day. The cab is coming to pick me up and take me to the airport on Tuesday morning. So it is getting down to the wire and I am getting more and more excited everyday! Much love and light to you all and have a blessed day!