Daily Card: King Of Arrows Reversed

King Of Arrows Reversed-Description Of The Card: This King is a man and an authority figure in your life. A harsh judge, critical, but does not judge his own actions, mistrustful, suspicious when there is no reason to be. He schemes and plays complicated games. Manipulation and mind games are common with this King. He is also deceitful and a good con artist.

King Of Arrows Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: If you have this authority figure in your life he will bring only problems, stress and issues. He does not care about other people at all. He is only after his own interests, needs and goals. He is a people user. If this man is a boss of yours, may I suggest that you do not walk but run to find a new job. This business situation is only going to be stressful, strained and headache for you. You will work very hard and never really know how to please this man or what they really want. Your work will certainly never be good enough for this man and there will always be something else that needs improving. Cut your looses and move on quickly. If you are married to this man. You will be a nervous wreck all of the time trying to figure out how to make him happy. Unless you don’t mind this kind of treatment or you enjoy trying to play mind games with him, may I advise you to get a divorce as soon as possible. Especially if you think you will be able to change this person. This man has no interest in changing or making you happy. He wants to win and he will drive you to drink. Not to mention, this person will keep your children beaten down and feeling that they can never succeed or please him either. For your peace of mind and others, divorce him. You will never love him into changing. He may come across very pleasant and kind at times but do not be fooled his intentions are not to change but to manipulate the situation. Wherever this man is in your life, it is best to cut him out of it! Count your loses and move on!

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Daily Card: Innocence Reversed

Innocence Reversed-Description Of The Card: Ignoring your inner voice. Cynicism and pessimism. Distrusting yourself or others. Not willing to make a start or move forward.

Innocence Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card: Oh my this is a very down card isn’t it? Are you feeling mistrustful of your decision-making abilities? Or mistrustful of other people, their thoughts or intentions towards you at this time? This card is telling you today that you are not listening to your inner voice. Sit quietly with yourself and listen to that voice. It may be telling you something you do not want to hear, but you do need to heed it at this time. You may be feeling disappointed about what your inner voice is telling you and maybe you just do not want to hear that at this time. You can trust what is being revealed to you, but it is up to you to walk out in it. Cynicism and pessimism is ruling your thoughts and emotions. It will not always be this way, even if you are convinced it will never get better. It will get better. I know you do not feel like moving on or forward at this time. But, this is the very thing you are going to have to do at some point in time. You can spend some time just feeling bad about the situation or decision. At some point however, you will have to move forward. So take the time to work through the situation until you are ready to move forward. This is a very depressing card reversed. I promise you when the clouds part the sun will shine once again.

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Much love and light to you and have a blessed day!