Daily Card: Four Of Arrows Reversed

Four Of Arrows Reversed-Description Of The Card:  Self imposed isolation. Feeling alone.  Needing more recovery time than has been allowed.  Needed to detach yourself from problems.

Four Of Arrows Reversed-Interpretation Of The Card:  This card speaks of recovering from something.  An illness, stress, problems.  When it is upright it speaks of taking a vacation to relax and get away from troubles as well.  But reversed this is a choice to be alone in order to work through stresses and problems but to also gain some much needed rest from these worries.  It can also mean a resting up from an illness to recover and wanting to just sleep.  There may be a sense of loneliness as well, because there is really nothing someone else can do for you to ease your troubles.  You must walk this path alone.  Allow yourself the time away to completely work through the issue.  As stopping this process to early will only be carried into your daily life and will create more difficulties.  Let go, release, get away if you have too and rest up.  Sometimes not working over a problem too much will bring clarity about it.  Then rejoin the world ready to deal with these issues and find joy again!