The Brontes-The Teenage Years-Part 1

For the next five years there was no more schooling, other than that provided by Patrick and Aunt Branwell. The make-believe worlds became even more important, with Branwell and Charlotte immersed in ‘Glasstown’ and then ‘Angria’, and Emily and Anne in ‘Gondal’. In the course of their imaginings they produced a huge number of miniature books, in a tiny script based on print. Much of the content was highly derivative, based on their voracious reading of novels, poetry and periodicals such as Blackwell’s Magazine. These collaborative imaginative games continued even into their adult lives, especially in the case of Emily. It was simultaneously a strength and a weakness, the way in which they learned the writer’s craft but perhaps also a way of fending off reality. If as adults they ignored their neighbours while out walking, it was probably not because they were rude (though Charlotte was certainly a snob) but because they were totally engaged in another world, an imaginative world fuelled by authors we no longer read, such as Scott, Byron, ‘Monk’ Lewis and the German Romantic writers. Other people, in the ‘real’ world, simply did not exist. Gondal and Angria had the same kind of hold over them as computer worlds have on some teenagers today. They might even have been familiar with the avatar. Walter Scott described Napoleon escaping from St. Helena as ‘a third avatar of this singular emanation of the Evil Principle’.

Daily Card: Sacrifice Upright

Sacrifice Upright-Description Of The Card: Waiting to move forward in a situation. Being caught between decisions. Giving up something now to reach a long-awaited dream or goal. A spiritual sacrifice for a higher good for someone else. Providing for someone else even if it is not in your personal interest. Empathy. Learning about the hardships others endure and gaining compassion from that process.

Sacrifice Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This card is a highly spiritual growth card. It makes us aware of who we are and who we are not. Taking a good look at yourself and giving up something that costs you something for the benefit of someone else. This is the kind of sacrifice that a parent makes for a child. The reward is in the giving, not the receiving. Really it is what we are here for. To serve others with the Heart and through the Strength of Christ. It is a dying to yourself to benefit someone else. Laying your life down to bring up others. We are all called to walk this path of Endurance and Enlightenment. This is real and true Love in it’s highest form. It is Agape Love. God’s Love.