Daily Card: Triumph Upright

Triumph Upright-Description Of The Card: A sense of expansion and hope. Triumph after difficulties. Feeling loved and supported by the Universe. A happy ending to a phase of life. Experiencing the world through Travel and Communication. Career expansion. Encountering the Divinity of the world around us.

Triumph Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This is an absolutely fabulous card! It is a life affirming energy that speaks straight to the soul. It is the Spirit speaking to you and giving you peace in the future to come. Overwhelming hope and expansion. Old difficulties fading away and being replaced with renewed hope in the future. A sense of the whole Universe is on your side and rooting you forward. A happy closure to a life change. This could be children going off to college, a new marriage, a new love, new babies, a degree from college or a new career. There is also a need to travel and communicate with others from around the world and learning from others and their cultures. This card also speaks of personal encounters with God, The Spirit, The Universe. This is an all-inclusive card that brings great Love, Life, Healing and Understanding. Immerse yourself in this life expanding energy, enjoy it and grow!