Daily Card: Ace Of Arrows Upright

Ace Of Arrows Upright-Description Of The Card: Unstoppable changes. Penetrating force. Defeating an adversary by the power of your will. Making sacrifices to win the battle. A new way of life.

Ace Of Arrows Upright-Interpretation Of The Card: This card speaks of cutting through or between confusion and issues. Unstoppable changes are on the way good or bad. There is transformation on the horizon. Arrows speak of words as well. So usually this cutting through is through the use of words. I see this so clearly in our society in America today. We are the verge of changes and many words are being used to cut through the needs of people as a whole unit, rather than he who has the money has the power and all the say so in life. Having money is fine but feeling that you have all the power over other people because you have it is a whole other issue. This is the kind of fierce penetrating force and unstoppable changes this card speaks of. There is a movement uprising to come against injustice and oppression and there is a willingness to pay the price or to sacrifice to get justice done. This card also speaks of being on the verge of a new way of life. Uprisings have happened again and again in all societies and throughout history it brings us all through to change. Hopefully, we become more compassionate, kind and generous with each other when the dust settles. This card speaks to your issues as well, to be strong, fight the good fight and if someone is trying to intimidate you don’t give up! Stay in it through the sacrifices and keep trying to get the change you want! It only means a brighter future for all of us!

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